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School on           Farm yard

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School on the Farm is an Austrian educational program that teaches children how to interact with nature and the importance of agriculture. For many children, the origin of our food, as well as its production and farm life are completely foreign because there is no connection to agriculture. The School on the Farm project of the Rural Training Institute (LFI) offers more than 400 opportunities throughout Austria to visit a wide variety of farms and get to know (organic) farming up close.

Subject areas:
Wellington boot safari

Kindergarten project
3-6 year olds

Farm discovery expedition for our young scientists

From the milk jug to the pan

Elementary school project
6-10 years

How is milk actually created? And what can I do with it other than drink?
For all gourmet kids and cool food connoisseurs

Neatly loves sloppy

Upper school project
10-14 year olds

Discover the wild side of nature and understand why soil & Co have their own rules of order.

Slow Food...
Climate protection starts with all of us

Pleasure trip
From 10 years on

Tips and suggestions for sustainable food consumption with a lot of background knowledge. Tasting included.

Operational management

For those interested...
of all age groups

Experience a historical classification starting in the 19th century, chronologically recent transformations in our form of management, including background information about our operating data and a tour of the premises. A composition of impressions of the past, present and future.

For further information, inquiries and registrations, contact us!
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